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PART AGrammar


1. ‘____________ English?’ ‘Yes- a bit.’
    Do you speak Are you speak Are you speaking Speak you
2. I’d like ___________ in Australia.
    travel travels travelling to travel
3. Sarah and Tom got married last week, _______ they?
    did didn’t got weren’t
4. I was tired so I _________ to bed early last night.
    go went have gone gone
5. She studied law ____ university.
    at for in -
6. ‘I’m studying in Sydney.’ ‘So ____ I.’
    do have am study
7. _________________ wear a uniform at work?
    Do we have to Must we Must we to Have we to
8. Simon’s on holiday. He ____________ to France.
    is gone has gone went has been
9. They’re really good friends. They __________ each other for ten years.
    know knew have known have been knowing
10. _____________ this weekend so we can go out somewhere.
    I won’t work I don’t work I’m not working I’ll work
11. Can I have a chocolate? Sorry, there aren’t _________ left.
    some any none -
12. I’m thinking _____________ to Queensland after my course.
    to go that I’ll go about going of going
13. I don’t know _____ about computers.
    any many much a bit
14. You ____________ shout. I can hear you!
    needn’t mustn’t need to had to
15. _____________ you do, don’t tell Meg that we’ve lost her camera.
    Anything Whatever However What
16. We’re __________ to be there by 8 o’clock at the latest.
    anticipated asked supposed invited
17. It’s ages ________ I last saw a good film.
    that ago since when
18. Hurry up. It’s time we ____________.
    leave should leave must leave left
19. No sooner had the match started ___________ the rain came pouring down.
    when than then that
20. I don’t have a car. I can’t ________ drive!
    quite simply ever even

PART B – Vocabulary & Natural English


21. She’s just ________ her dad. They are both quite shy.
    personality the same after like
22. I lost my wallet but __________ someone handed it in to the police.
    unfortunately hopefully luckily clearly
23. How do you _________ about the new regulations?
    feel think believe agree
24. He says he’s very sorry. He didn’t _______ to upset you.
    make mean deliberate have
25. You _______ believe who I’ve just met! Nicole Kidman!
    can’t don’t won’t aren’t
26. Slow down. I can’t keep _________ you.
    up on with up to up with
27. The sisters look so similar that some of the teachers can’t _____ one from the other.
    know recognise tell see
28. ’That noise is terrible.’ ’Actually, it doesn’t _____ me.’
    like bother mind stand
29. ____________ it if you didn’t smoke in here.
    I’d prefer I’d rather I wish I’d ask
30. If you ask me, it’s a/an __________ waste of time!
    completely absolute very really
31. She ______ as if she’s the boss but she’s actually the receptionist.
    thinks appears acts makes
32. I don’t see the ________ in doing this exercise.
    reason motivation point consequence
33. The hotel didn’t __________ my expectations.
    come up to get up to come down to get down to
34. I can’t quite _________ out what the sign says. Can you see?
    make read see carry
35. Martin has a/an ________ for figures. He should be an accountant.
    understanding knowledge ability head
36. When he took over the business he got a lot more than he had _____.
    asked for bargained for drawn up come in for



Tomomi is studying at English Language Company in Sydney. She talks about her life in Australia. Read the text and write the missing words on your answer sheet.

There is ONE word for each space.
I live with an Australian family about twenty minutes from the centre of Sydney. The family are very nice and have helped enormously with my English.

When I first came to Australia 3 months ago, found it difficult to communicate now I find it much easier.

My classes start eight thirty in the morning, but I like to get to school early I can meet some of my classmates and have a chat before class. There are people from many different 42 in my class, so I have a lot about countries and cultures.

At the weekend I work in a Japanese restaurant. I don’t start work until four, which is good, but I often have to work until about two the morning so I’m usually tired on Sundays and Mondays.

my course finishes I’m hoping to travel around Australia. I to go to Queensland and the Northern Territory.



Polyana and Melanie are studying at English Language Company together. Read their conversation and write the missing words.

There is ONE word for each space.
Polyana: I met Melanie the first day she started at this school. I had been here for four weeks. She came and sat next to me. We started talking and found we had a lot in common.
Melanie: I really liked Polyana from the beginning. She’s very easy talk to.
Polyana: Melanie has a good friend. I felt a bit alone before I met her.
Melanie: In some ways we’re . We’ve got many of the same goals, like wanting to learn English as quickly as possible. But in ways we’re very different. For example, our jobs – I’m a medical assistant, whereas Polyana’s a lawyer.
Polyana: We’re from very different cultures but it’s interesting to get to know other. We’ve never an argument.
Melanie: I’ve learnt lots of things Brazil from Polyana that I didn’t know before.
Polyana: I’ll be sad to see Melanie go. She’s going travelling soon. I’ll miss but we’ll keep touch via email.
Many thanks to Polyana de Carvalho Cleto from Brazil and Melanie Vaugniaux from Swizerland who were students at English Language Company in 2004.



Please write about what you would like to do in your future career and why.
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