Преподаватель Английского Языка

This is us...

We believe that our staff are the school's most important asset and that they deserve recognition and an excellent working environment so we aim to provide you with:

  • a comfortable working environment with an informal atmosphere
  • support when you need it
  • excellent professional development opportunities
  • extensive teaching resources
  • variety in terms of the classes and levels you teach
  • the opportunity to gain experience in areas such as teacher training and materials development
  • career progression

Is this you? ELC teachers:

  • are passionate about what they do
  • are dynamic teachers who set high standards for themselves and their students
  • prepare lessons thoroughly
  • are always looking for the best way to stimulate their students and meet their needs
  • have excellent interpersonal skills
  • are genuinely interested in their students
  • re motivated and keen to develop their own skills and assist others

We offer:

  • interesting projects
  • excellent salary + bonus packages
  • career opportunities
  • continuous development and learning
  • work experience in a big international company

How to apply

Email your resume and cover letter to: elckaluga@mail.ru

г. Калуга, ул. Н-Козинская, 5
г. Калуга, ул. Баумана, 3